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 Dawood Al Raisi
Dawood Al Raisi
Senior Manager Technical Projects
Oman Air
 Peter Anders
Peter Anders
Certification Manager, AIRBUS, Airworthiness Directorate (Avionics)
AIRBUS Operation GmbH
 Loren Bolstridge
Loren Bolstridge
Manager Cabin Avionics Engineering
Delta Air Lines Inc.
 Henrik Maedler
Henrik Maedler
Consultant, Product Management Cabin Interior & Inflight Entertainment
Deutsche Lufthansa AG
 Thomas Weber
Thomas Weber
ECO Spectrum Management
European Communications Office (ECO) of the CEPT

IFE & Connectivity 

Advanced IFE Systems – Wireless Internet Connectivity – Certification Challenges

In-flight entertainment systems are one of the most costly components of a plane. They can also play a crucial part for airlines in attracting customers for both internal and overseas flights. The aim is to offer a similar experience to what passengers would get in their living rooms in order to make the journey as pleasant as possible. Thus free on-board internet connectivity in all classes of travel will be the next level of in-flight entertainment. Currently airlines heavily invest in in-flight entertainment services. Over the next two decades, more than 11,000 planes are expected to be sold in Asia-Pacific resulting in the demand for in-flight entertainment systems and connectivity growing rapidly. Aside from customer satisfaction, in-flight Wi-Fi would guarantee a saving of 50% of wiring which would not only reduce weight but also maintenance services in the long run.

On the 3rd international conference “IFE & Connectivity” you will:

  • Discuss safety aspects and protection means of WOBAN (wireless on-board avionics networks) and new concepts to ensure data security of WOBAN communication
  • Find out how to meet certification requirements of wireless on-board aircraft networks as well as the types of wireless services for passengers, for crews, and for the avionics system communication (wireless on-board avionics networks – WOBAN)
  • Understand latest developments and future trends of satellite systems & networks to assure cost efficient in-flight entertainment
  • Identify airlines' requirements of IFE & connectivity to meet customer expectations
  • Hear about the latest update on ARINC standards for IFE software development and loading

Nicht umsonst investieren Airlines massiv in das sogenannte InFlight Entertainment (IFE), die Bordunterhaltung, denn sie ist schon lange nicht nur auf  Langstrecken eines der wichtigsten Verkaufsargumente der Fluggesellschaften. Auch zuküftig geplante Handy- und Internetnutzung in allen Klassen soll dem Flugpassagier den Aufenthalt an Bord so angenehm und kurzweilig als möglich machen. Und der Trend der drahtlosen Verbindung verspricht noch einiges mehr: langfristig könnte man auf 50% der Kabel verzichten und damit Gewicht und Wartungskosten einsparen. Konferenzsprache ist Englisch.

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